Tiffany & Lucas

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Tiffany Writes About Lucas

Gosh. It's hard to find the best place to start to describe Lucas. He is kind, patient, loving, hardworking, and has a hilarious dry sense of humor! He loves me and Warren SO well and I truly consider him my very best friend. Lucas is an accountant for a private equity company. He works hard to provide for our family and still helps at home too. We are co-parents when it comes to our son, dogs, and chores around the house. We are a team, through and through. Lucas is an avid DIYer and Mr. Fix It! He loves old trucks and has 2. The first is an old Chevy pickup truck that he purchased at 14, drove throughout high school, and is now rebuilding. The second truck is a K5 blazer that he drives daily and has hopes of working on with our kids eventually. Lucas is the most amazing father. Watching him love Warren has brought me more joy than I ever thought possible, and I know he will love our next child fiercely

Lucas Writes About Tiffany

To Tiff's point, it is tough to find the best place to start. She is the most intentional, loving, strong, driven, Godfearing mother and wife. She goes out of her way daily to find loving ways to serve Warren and I. Tiff is the best friend anyone could want. She spends time cultivating relationships through questions. She has a special way of encouraging people to be their best selves. Tiff is in marketing at a large company and is amazing to watch in her role. She inspires me every day, when I get to listen to her on calls or in presentations. She has a presence that makes people drawn to listen to what she has to say. Tiff and I do not have specific roles that we fall into in our house, our goal is to be a team and to find ways to serve each other. That is what makes parenting with her such a joy each day. My favorite moments with Tiff truly are the quality time we get to spend together, whether it's the two of us, or five of us (we try to take the dogs everywhere too) on a walk or out and about. I never get tired of being around Tiff and adore the mother she is to Warren.


Warren! AKA Mr. Blue Eyes. We have been so blessed by the addition of Warren to our family. Our son is so full of joy. As a baby he was amazingly calm and happy and has continued that today. He loves to play with our dogs and is SO talkative. His teachers remind him to be quiet regularly (he takes after his mom). As a family, we love being outside and when the weather is warm, we prioritize evening walks. Warren is our little sidekick. We thought we would have to change more of what we do, but he is our buddy and tags along all the time. Warren will be the BEST big brother because he is so kind and loving.

Our Pups

We have two mid-size dogs named Bear, our Collie/ Shepherd Mix and Pani (paw-knee) our Golden Retriever. Fun fact, Pani means 'Mrs.' in Polish. Before Lucas was in the picture, it was just Tiffany and Bear. Bear is about 10 and was a rescue dog, and Pani is 4. We got Pani right after we got married. Talk about a whirlwind, adjusting to marriage AND potty training a puppy - not easy but we made it through. Our dogs are a huge part of our family! Bear is a sleepy guy who loves going on long walks and barking at the squirrels in our backyard. Pani is our snuggle bug who is obsessed with her tennis ball, loves fetch, and thinks she's a lap dog. They have been so sweet with Warren since day 1! Bear has fallen into the 'babysitter' role, always keeping an eye on Warren. While Pani takes it upon herself to bring toys for Warren to throw or play with. We try to take the pups as many places as we can that are dog friendly. They truly are part of our family!

Our Home

Our home is our haven. It is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac in an older neighborhood. The house is nestled among trees with a nearby park within walking distance. We have a large backyard, perfect for running around, eating mudpies, fetch, and bonfires with friends. There is a lovely, covered patio with a porch swing and grill for outdoor get togethers. The back of the house has 6 large windows that provide a ton of natural light and let us enjoy the big trees, sunrises, sunsets, and watching everyone play. We also have a dedicated playroom that we call the ‘Kid’s Cave’. It’s awesome. What we love most about our house is the open layout which allows us to host family and friends for birthday parties, holidays, or dinners.

Our Hobbies

Tiffany is an avid reader. She loves historical fiction and suspense novels. She can power through a book in 2-days when it really captures her attention! Tiffany always makes time for her workouts and exercises at 5:30 almost every morning. Like we mentioned earlier, Lucas loves old trucks and projects around the house. He is always working on something and can’t sit still for too long! Together we love to cook and host. Even when we were in our 2-bedroom apartment we hosted a 20+ person gathering! There were tables/chairs everywhere, but it was fun. We committed to always opening our home to those we love no matter how big or small our space may be.