Stephanie & Jonathan

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


Jonathan and Stephanie Adoption Profile
Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us!
Rollerblading the Stress Away
We have a massive backyard--the beautiful NYC parks, including Central Park which attracts worldwide visitors. We love having picnics and rollerblading together in the park.
Paddle Boarding
We love filling our summer days with outdoor activities like this one--paddle boarding in the Hudson River next to the USS Intrepid naval ship, which is actually a museum now!
Barefoot Fun
How fast can you stomp?
Super Dog!
Just look at Graham fly.
Puppy Time
A day in the park with Graham when he was a puppy.
"A" for Effort
This was meant to be a cute video of us sliding together...
Graham Sledding
Who knew our Yorkie is a sled dog!?