Stephanie & Jonathan

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


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Stephanie was born to be a mother. From the moment I met her, over 12 years ago as we began our teaching careers, Stephanie was an intelligent, nurturing and thoughtful caregiver. She truly saw each child in front of her in a way that many teachers do not. She saw their individuality, their gifts and their strengths. Where other teachers saw deficiencies, Stephanie saw opportunities. That's just how she is. Without being peppy or preachy, Stephanie see the good in everyone and in every situation. No one ie more cut out for the trials and joys of motherhood than Stephanie. Any child who is welcome into Stephanie and Jonathan's home will be the absolute luckiest. And I can't wait to be a part of their journey.

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I met Stephanie and Jonathan in the 7th grade in middle school. Over the 28 years of our friendship, I have seen them grow into the amazing people that they are today. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding, and we have maintained our friendship over the years and miles. At first glance, you can tell that they are warm and welcoming, and love life and each other. Deeper down, I know of their strength, resiliency, kindness and caring. Life is not always easy, but they approach it with a grounded perspective, as a living example of how love, compassion, and humor can bless them and those around them. Stephanie has been a wonderful friend – she’s funny, adventurous, caring, and a great listener. She gives so much of herself to her school and her students – the love she has for them is evident in all that she does. Jonathan has such a talent and passion for architecture and photography – he sees the beauty in everyday life all around him. He’s dedicated to his family, works hard at his job, and cares for those around him. Stephanie and Jonathan will be amazing parents, and I cannot wait to see them start their journey. They are willing to dedicate the time, energy, effort, love, and everything they have to raise the beautiful child that will be a part of their family. And Graham, their adorable pup, will be a wonderful “big brother.” I can’t think of two people who would be better-suited to guide, grow, nurture, and love a child and provide a warm and loving family environment.

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Stephanie's Mother

Hi, I am Stephanie’s mom, and I want to share with you why Stephanie and Jonathan are so special. As a child, Stephanie acted like a second mother to her brother. She is five years older than him. When they were young, she would pretend to be his teacher. She would even plan field trips for them in the yard, and I would have to sign permissions slips that she had made. She has always been compassionate and giving of her time to all of her students and never wavered in her love for them. She will be a wonderful and caring mother one day. I have known Jonathan since he was in second grade. He is kind, trustworthy and hard working. Jonathan was a great support to Stephanie during the time they were trying to have a child. He will be a wonderful, involved dad! Stephanie and Jonathan will be two amazing, loving parents, and I promise you that we are a family who will give plenty of love and support too! I look forward to having another grandchild to love!

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I can't imagine growing up with a disability without my older sister, Steph, who was always there for me. When I was five, I had a surgery on my eyes that left me temporarily blind for a week. Steph was by my side every minute to comfort me and make me laugh. I've known Jon since I was a kid, and I've been lucky to see how well they have balanced each other and grown even more caring and empathetic over the years. As the godparents to my two young sons, there is no one else I would want to take care of my children in my absence, and I cannot wait for them to find a child to love wholeheartedly.

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Alissa Grieves

Sister in law

Stephanie and Jonathan are two of the most thoughtful and loving people I know. I've known them both for about ten years and they have such an kind nature toward one another. Their hearts are huge and have so much love to give a child. From a selfish standpoint, my own children are longing for Aunt Steph and Uncle Jon to adopt so they have a cousin to play with.