Sara & Bryson

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


The Summer Has Flown By!

Navigating life during the pandemic continues to bring its challenges but we have tried to make the most of the summer. We have been to the zoo, played at the splash pad with friends, visited the science museum, ate plenty of ice cream, and tried swimming lessons. We have made a few trips to Bryson's parents' property a few hours away where they have cows, chickens, pigs, and horses! There is so much do like riding the tractor, gathering the chicken eggs, fishing, and feeding all of the animals. Micah has perhaps grown the most this summer, he mastered riding his balance bike, potty training, and his personality continues to shine! He is such a joy!

Our Home

We live in a 4 bedroom, two-story home in a well established neighborhood. We have plenty of room in our backyard where Ellie and Gaston (our pups) love to run and play fetch. There are plenty of young families with children who live around us too! We purposefully live in a diverse community for Micah. In the evenings, you are bound to catch at least two or three neighbors hanging out in their driveway while the kids play! Within a few miles of our home we have a beautiful recreation center that has hiking and biking trails, soccer fields and even has a beach where they show movies on the water!


Our lives were forever changed in 2018 when we became first-time parents through adoption to our sweet son Micah. It's so neat to see God's hand was over his adoption and the timing of everything; one Saturday Bryson graduated from college and the following Saturday he became a dad! Micah is an affectionate, outgoing, social little boy with a HUGE personality! He loves to dance, sit in our laps while we read to him, and try to make everyone around him smile and laugh. He is such a JOY and we consider him our biggest blessing thus far!

Why We're Adopting

From the start of our marriage, it was the desire of our hearts to start a family. We weren't sure how exactly that would be, but we were open to many different options. We have always known Sara may or may not be able to carry a child. After talking to numerous doctors and praying about the situation, we decided to pursue adoption. In December of 2018, Micah -- our son, was placed in our arms. He is such a precious little boy and words cannot express how thankful we are to be parents. We have an open relationship with his birth mom and we consider her part of our family. She is the most hard-working, kindest, selfless person we know. We send her updates on a regular basis and are able to have visits with her. We don't feel like our family is complete yet and would love for Micah to have a brother or sister!