Michael & Jason

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


Thank You

Thank you for learning about us. We hope our profile has shown you who we are as individuals as well as together as one. While we can't make promises of who your child grows up to be, we can promise that whoever that is will be loved and supported. This child will be a member of a very large extended family full of diversity in race and culture. They will be supported, embraced and given the opportunity to explore themselves and the world. This child's story will always be full of hope and dreams, and we will do everything in our power to make sure they live a life of wonderment and opportunity. We are both fortunate to have flexible work schedules in that there will always be one of us with our child as our jobs will allow us to work around each other but also give us the time to spend evenings and a few days a week together as a unit. You shall always be a part of this child's life, however you choose. You started their story and adventure, and with us and you (however comfortable you are), shall be there guiding and supporting through their trials and triumphs. We shall always be this child's advocate and champion.

What We Enjoy

We love culture and diversity. You will often find us walking around the city exploring new arts, foods, and cultural events. When we discover new foods, you will often see us the next week trying to make it ourselves. We love entertaining and sharing food and time with friends and family. We enjoy having dinner parties and get togethers on a regular basis. One of our major passions is live theatre. We see a production at least every two weeks. We love traveling both domestically and abroad. We travel just the two of us and often with family, both born and added.

Our Home

We own a large 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment in New York City. Our living area is open so that we can be together whatever we're doing. We have renovated our kitchen to make it more open so one can easily see the dining room, living room and play area. The kitchen also has an island which will become a focal point of our lives as we cook and watch our child grow in front of us whether through play, talks or doing homework. We bought this home with the intent of using it as the perfect place to not only start our family but to further cultivate its growth. We are walking distance to multiple parks, playgrounds, museums and the best rated public schools in the city. We love the diversity of the city. With many different cultures represented in arts, food, language and everyday life. We are short walk to almost every train line running through the city making it easy to explore everything the city has to offer.

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