Kathleen & Ned

Hoping to Adopt (New Jersey)



Ned and I recently took a trip to NYC to visit his family and share Thanksgiving with them! It was such an easy and pleasant trip. We brought Oliver (our dog) with us and he loves all the city smells. Thanksgiving morning we walked around and enjoyed the great weather. I cooked some yummy rolls and an apple pie. It was so nice to be able to see all Ned's aunts and uncles too. Ned's dad carved the turkey. One of our favorite cousins- Delaney was there because she just moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. We all hung out and watched the Dallas Cowboys play (and win!). It was such a beautiful, fun, family filled day!

Volunteering at Manna

We went to Volunteer Sunday at Manna, an organization that provides medically assisted food as treatment for people with certain health disparities like cancer or kidney disease). We went with Kathleen's co-workers and had a blast!

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