Debbie & Jason

Hoping to Adopt (California)


Summer Family Garden

We love to garden and we have a yard full of fruits and vegetables.  We have three cherry trees, passion fruit, plums, persimmons, grapes, apples, lemons, oranges, figs, tomatoes, cucumber, squash, peas and sunflowers this year.  It is very relaxing to work in the garden in the afternoon.  

Trinity and Halo

Trinity and Halo are our pups and we love to explore the outdoors with them.  

Easter Treasures

Debbie and Ashton love a good Easter egg hunt.  We are showing off our baskets of Easter egg treasures after this years backyard egg hunt.  

Family Easter Egg Hunt

Family Easter egg hunts are one of our favorite activities.  Ashton has been Easter egg hunting since he was a baby.  We hid hundreds of Easter eggs this year for Ashton to find in the backyard and there was a golden egg to find with a special prize.