Brianna & Clark

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We love taking our dogs to the off-lease dog park near our house. The dogs love it too!
We love great Mexican food! We had these amazing tacos on our trip to Guadalajara this year.
We love our family! This is us with our first niece, Conley, the day after she was born.
We love going out with friends!
We love popcorn and movie nights! Popcorn popped on the stove, just like my grandma used to make, tastes the best!
We love crawfish! We have our own boiling equipment. Yum!!
We love the rodeo! We try to go every year.
We love relaxing at home with our two dogs!
We love lobster...and trips to Maine to visit family!
We love football! Clark announces games for his district every fall...the view from the press box is great!