Joe & Casey

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Casey in Joe's Words

Casey can be described as very down to earth. She's great at being able to slow down and enjoy everything in the moment (something I struggle with). She's decisive and makes well thought out decisions. As a mother, Casey has an incredible way of talking through situations with the kids. She's routinely complemented about how patient she is as a mom. She has an incredibly close family that we see very consistently. She's always up for an adventure. Whether it's fishing, hiking or hitting the beach, she's always ready to go. Casey is our rock, she's consistent and always knows what to do. She's selfless and takes care of everyone before herself. After working as a CPA, she chose to put her family first and never looked back.

Meet Joe in Casey's Words

Joe is always the first person to help people in need, whether it's our loved ones or a complete stranger. We had been dating only a couple months when my sister's car broke down, and she called him for a rescue. I didn't even find out about this rescue for years afterward; it is such a natural part of Joe to help anyone. It's also the small, everyday things. He makes coffee each morning and even better, lets me sleep in on the weekends. On a regular basis, Joe will have Troy and Hope up and out to a car show or working in the yard on Saturdays so I can rest. No matter what happens, I know Joe will be there for our family. When I asked him to build a combined home with my parents, he did not hesitate. It cannot be easy, but Joe takes care of us all. Joseph is also very friendly and out-going. He loves to enjoy life, from cars, working outside, traveling with friends and family, and who knows what hobby he will pick up next. He is definitely happiest when he has a project to keep him busy. I think this is why he is so successful at both work and in relationships: he just keeps working until he succeeds. He makes new friends all the time, and he keeps them; in 2019, we went on a two-week cross-country trip with his friend from kindergarten. Joseph is truly a good person and the best possible father. He is Troy and Hope's favorite person and best buddy. I have loved him for almost twenty years, and I am so excited about our future together.

Meet Troy

Troy is a very active and funny six-year-old. He loves being outside playing with his metal Tonka trucks more than anything (especially if there is mud). Troy and Joe collect Hot Wheels, work outside on our tractor, and love to fish together. Casey has passed on her love of reading, and we read books every night before bed. After a summer zoo camp, he developed a passion for snakes and bugs. He spends a lot of time hunting our property for interesting wildlife. Troy started kindergarten in the fall which he was a little nervous about. He loves it, though, because he makes friends everywhere. When his cousins come over to swim or spend the night, he is the happiest kid.

Meet Hope

Hope is a wonderful mix of mud-covered baby following her big brother into everything and precious little girl who loves her dresses and bows. She makes us laugh every day even as we chase her around the house. Hope loves exploring everything. As the seventh of eight grandchildren, Hope is convinced she is already a big kid. Because we have a multi-generational home with Casey's parents, there are almost always cousins around to play with.

Our Home

Seven years ago, we fell in love with a small neighborhood just south of our favorite city in Texas. It has hills, trees, and is very close to the lake. We have almost four acres which gives Troy and Hope room to play and Joe to have a workshop. We share a home with Casey's parents. There are doors we can close between our sides of the house, but usually the house is open, and both kids run constantly between our home and Nana and Grandad's home.

Our Pets

We have two dogs, Daphne and Snowy Mountain. Daphne is a twelve-year-old Yorkie/mini- Schnauzer. She loves to bark and nap all day. Snowy Mountain was rescued from a local shelter and came home in early 2021. Troy named her because she is his dog, and they are best friends. She loves all children and she especially loves riding along to take Troy to school.