Erica & Phil

Hoping to Adopt (New Jersey)



We love to travel, and try to take at least a few vacations a year. We are creatures of habit, and generally end up at the same places: the beach and Disney World! Show us a stretch of sand or a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, and we're happy. We didn't wait long to start traveling with Maisie, and we are so ready to bring a new member of the family on trips near and far!

Work It

After working in advertising and at a non-profit, Phil attended law school and is now a partner at a law firm, specializing in real estate law (and looking pensive!) Our careers are fulfilling and busy -- but the best days are when we can take Maisie into the office for some added cheer. Our coworkers are her biggest fans! Erica is a publishing director at a children's publisher, where she edits books for children and teens. She has an all-access pass to the best picture books and she's always bringing home books for the nursery!

Home Sweet Home

We are so lucky to live in a diverse town, with great schools, countless playgrounds, and tons of fun things to do! Our quiet street dead ends at a huge park, with a playground just a five-minute walk away. We've made great friends with many families in the neighborhood, which means there is always someone dropping by to play! (It may also help that we have a trampoline and a climbing dome in the backyard to entice them!)

Good Dog

We are all total dog people, and cannot pass by any four-legged friend in the park without stopping for a pet! We have one dog now, Dodger, who we adopted a few years ago as an older pup. He's an incredibly sweet Hound mix who sticks by Maisie's side and has no qualms about having kids jump all over him.